Grant Morgan

Unity Consultant / Independent Consultant

Grant Morgan

Unity Consultant / Independent Consultant

Grant Morgan

Unity Consultant / Independent Consultant

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I am mainly a programmer. I have done project management, both software and hardware infrastructure, IT Department and country-level management but think of myself as a programmer first. Currently, I am studying Unity Engine's upcoming DOTS & UI Elements features. I also have to admit I am a Unity fanboy. I enjoy working with the Unity Engine.

Sept 2017

Independent Consultant

Sept 2017 -


Application design, Application coding (C#) Studying of Unity's new DOTS & UI Elements features

Sept 2015
Aug 2017

Uni K.K.

2 years

Engineer #

Sept 2015 - Aug 2017

Design and implementation of UI and data user app for mobile and desktop/browser.

July 2014
Nov 2014

GoShow K.K.

5 months

Unity Consultant

July 2014 - Nov 2014

Unity Design and programming ( Boo ) Client - Server communications - Unity client side - Photon client Port to PSVita

Aug 2013
Apr 2014

Hot Tea K.K.

9 months

Unity Engineer

Aug 2013 - Apr 2014

Unity Design and programming ( C# ) Client - Server communications - Unity client side Main battle scene

Feb 2004
June 2013

3D Mobile and Financial Programmer

Feb 2004 - June 2013

Unity 3D iPhone application Development (C#) 3D browser & iPad Edutainment app. (C#) Web backend/database programming. Integration of Flash MMORPG to new portals. Web service automation.

Sept 2002
Jan 2004

Senior Systems Engineer

Sept 2002 - Jan 2004

Java/PHP web front-end, back-end and database development/maintenance. Web, mail, RDBM, and DNS servers management and setup.

Oct 1999
Oct 2002

Independent Financial Programmer

Oct 1999 - Oct 2002

Emergency Oracle recovery. Cobalt database installation and training. Web backend/database programming.

Sept 1997
July 1999

Manager IT (Japan)

Sept 1997 - July 1999

Responsible for all Japanese IT operations including budget, staffing, and projects such as Y2K, Disaster Recovery Planning, front office market data systems, and back office productivity systems. Managed 4 staff and two locations. Systems -Windows NT, Novell Netware, AS/400 and Oracle Proprietary Systems-

Sept 1994
Feb 1997

Project Manager

Sept 1994 - Feb 1997

Responsible for the specification and installation of a deal entry system to Tokyo. Coordinating and analyzing needs of- front office dealers and sales staff, back office checking, settlement and accounting staff, head office reporting and standards requirements, local management reporting and control requirements- and supplying specifications for the above to vendor. This included the design & implementation of all operating procedures and staff training. Successfully overse

July 1992

Sr. Analyst/Programmer

July 1992

Trading systems within FX, Money Market, and Bond products Financial support programming in Paradox Telecommunications links with Toronto LAN installation and support for 38 users (30 Japanese / 8 foreign) General software and hardware support of a 17 person dealing room.

July 1990
July 1992

Software Design Engineer

July 1990 - July 1992

Responsible for analysis, research, design and programming in C of factory automation optimization algorithms.

Nov 1986
May 1990

PC Consult/Software Developer

Nov 1986 - May 1990

Winnipeg, Canada Consulting and database development for various small businesses and a teaching hospital. Including technical database advisor to Dr. Phyllis J. McAlpine Chair of HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee

Apr 1984

University of Manitoba

B. Sc.

Apr 1984


English - Native