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Not what I imagined.

About my work experience

Before anything else, I thought people who work in real estate are boring. especially here in Japan.

But the day I came here changed all my impression of real estate. Well maybe because our CEO is kind of crazy, jolly, and weird. He always thinks outside the box. And I admire him for that. I want to be like him someday. Creative and innovative.

Our company is about managing buildings. "管理会社” We lease, we manage, we outsource to other companies when somethings need to be fixed, etc. It's not a hard scheme.

However, the department where I'm in is called the "Inbound department". Our work is about lodging houses, hotels, weekly and monthly apartments. Most of the customers are foreigners.

We also outsource our lodging houses and hotels to other company which they gather guests, manage the portal sites, cleaning, operations, and everything.

So, therefore, my work is managing the company in which we outsource our lodging houses and hotels, checking the profits, expense, and maintaining the buildings in good condition.

Difficulties I faced

The difficulties I face every day is numbers. I'm honestly not good at numbers. I don't care about profits and everything. I hate it. But then It makes me happy when our sales are so good, and that makes me like numbers. I am still learning but achieving our sales gets me going to any countries I want and all expenses are paid by the company so that's what makes me happy. Haha.

What I learned

I learned a lot. numbers, communication, sales, etc. Also, using Excel. Like I didn't think Excel could do so much and it is trustworthy. Lol. also, I never thought things are easy until you mastered it. moreover, I never thought I could do so many more things until I've done it. I cant see my possibilities but working hard makes me see what I could still do more.