Consulting beyond PPT and XLS Ep. 1

At the beginning of 2016, we had an opportunity to work with one of Japan's largest electric power companies who wants to participate in Indonesian government 3.5 GW electricity provision mega-project for future industries in newly developing industrial zones in the country. Client asked us to examine not only most viable business schemes and partnerships, but also bottom-up checks on foreseeable financial, business and legal benefits, and risks

Based on secondary information and several factors (e.g. presence of Japanese businesses, ownership flexibility, etc.), we benchmarked 10+ industrial zones for client worth looking at upon their consideration to build power plant facilities. As secondary information is not enough to visualize and clarify potential benefits and risks for client, we decided to embark on a two-week business trip to Indonesia. One of our most "exotic" destinations in this business trip was Tanjung ApiApi industrial zone in South Sumatra. Through our direct collaboration with the provincial government of South Sumatra as well as direct communication with plant operation managers, we managed to gather primary information, especially regarding potential needs for electricity supply as well as buzzes of investment flows coming into the Tanjung ApiApi industrial zone