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Lead engineer of new SaaS business !


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  • コンサルティングおよび事業会社での経営管理や事業開発の経験をベースにコンサルティングやシステム導入の事業を行っております。



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We are small startup company which had started counsultin business.
Looking for leaders of our each business units reagrding business expansion.
A big welcom of all nationalities!

#Business overviews
1,Consulting business
Promote reforms with clients while identifying the essence of client issues.
We specialize in management contral, managerial acounting and business operation improvement.

2,IT solution business
Select necessary tools and provide IT solutions according to customer needs.
We make full use AppSheet of no-coding apps, RPA, Servicenow and other systems to support customers' IT.
While working with the Consulting Division, we will realize customers' DX highly effective.

3,(New) SaaS service
*Now closed in detail.

4,(New) Design EC Platform business
*Now closed in detail.


We provide a service that simultaneously supports sales up and business efficiency in domestic distribution and retail businesses area.
Sales forms such as EC / CtoC and manufacturing forms such as SPC / D2C are diversifying and evolving.
However, the essential reform of the business operation support system is not progressing.
We standardize functions that support sales up and operational efficiency, and provide them as SaaS services that companies of various sizes can easily use.


You will be the new business launch center engineer.
You will design and develop a new SaaS service with your own hands.
Foreigners living in Japan are also welcome. A big welcome of all nationalities!

#Must have

System development
-More than 2 years of business application development experience
-Over 2 years experience in system development using RDBMS
-More than 2 years experience in user acceptance test from system requirements definition.

#Nice to have
Management skills
-One year or more of project leader experience
Experience of a project team of 5 or more including project manager support
-More than one year of customer service experience
Experience in dealing with requirements interviews and reviews directly with customers

-Proactively tackle problem solving
-Always have a broad perspective and collect information.
-Judge things objectively.

  • 2017/01 に設立
  • 4人のメンバー
  • 東京都渋谷区代々木1-25-5 BIZ SMART代々木 216号
  • Lead engineer of new SaaS business !