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Tech Founder - from Silicon Valley


XVOLVE GROUPのメンバー もっと見る

  • Yuki ‘Charles’ Mochizuki
    A serial entrepreneur from Japan. He started his first company when he was in college, expanded into 200 employees and $10 million of revenue. In 2014, he sold his businesses for $20 million to focus on his bigger project and change the world drastically.

  • April was born in the Philippines and is one of the members of Xvolve.
    Our slogan is "Change everything"​. We plan on changing everything that’s possible and everything that’s impossible. Creating a better world that we all envision and bringing a positive impact towards it altogether.

  • Co-Founder/ 新規事業責任者/ エンジニア
    -2008年 中学2年の頃、趣味としてプログラングを始める。
    -2013年 社会に大きなインパクトを残したいという想いから、政治家を目指す。
    -2014年 複数の団体で広報系幹部を務め広報営業と戦略を統括。
    -2015年 エンジニアのスキルを磨くため休学し、インド、ベトナムにてWebエンジニアとして勤務。
    -2017年 ベンチャー数社でエンジニアを経験後、xvolveの世界を変える考え方、スピードに共感しジョイン。技術系ファウンダーとして新規事業を担当し、UX戦略から開発まで幅広く担当。

  • When I was a child, I have a dream to become an IT engineer. My passion is technology, I love "Never give up" and I always live and work this way. I was CTO of outsourcing company in VN for 6 years (I'm co-founder): https://vinsofts.com/. Now, I would like to find more challenge on the world.


  • Our CEO successfully exited his previous startup for $20 million.

● A Message from the CEO
I have a goal in my life and that is to change the framework of society and the whole world. In the next 5 years, along with my team, we will create one of the biggest businesses in the world to obtain capital and social influence needed to move forward towards change.

Next, we will collaborate with change-makers such as politicians, thinkers, scientists, etc. And gathering the best-minds on this planet, we will rebuild the society and make the entire world a better place as a whole.

Our new product will become a foundation of this endeavor. It will connect individuals globally, make their lives better, and improve the world. We have just started this new project and now we’re looking for a crew who wants to change the world with us.


「世界を抜本的に変革する。」をビジョンに掲げるCEOインタビュー ③ 〜CEOからのメッセージ〜
  • 2012/09 に設立
  • 38人のメンバー
  • 海外進出している /
    3000万円以上の資金を調達済み /
    1億円以上の資金を調達済み /
  • 拠点:サンフランシスコ / ベルリン
  • Tech Founder - from Silicon Valley