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Ride into a year of abundance




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ObjectiveTo come up with an unconventional Chinese New Year greeting that is unique to the Year of the Horse. ConceptTraditionally, during lion dance cai qing or “ plucking the greens”, green lettuce with a red packet is “fed” to the lions for blessings. In conjunction with the Year of the Horse, Alpha 245 presents a unique kind of cai qing, which comes in the form of a grass scroll. Similar to green lettuce that means “ abundance”, this scroll is made of synthetic grass to symbolize abundance of forage. Once opened up, the scroll presents a New Year greeting that means welcoming abundance in the Year of the Horse. Miniature horse that are presented together with the scroll are to be placed on the grass to symbolize strategic optimization od resources, which is imperative especially in business. Once used for cai qing, this scroll can be hung up as a décor for an auspicious year. ResultsA total of 30 packs were sent to both existing and potential clients of the Agency. All the clients who received the pack either called or wrote back to compliment the Agency for the unusual idea and design. Of the 30 packs, 25 were sent to existing clients while 5 were sent as new business packs. Subsequently, the Agency managed to secure one new business.

 Hang up the scroll at favourable places for lion dance cai qing.



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