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FANTASY IPTV Fantasy iptv Digital Audio Visual Service Company takes creating the best audio and visual platform using experience as detailed targets to integrate networks and multimedia digital construction techniques and service customers to enjoy the convenience brought by digital convergence times and enjoy economic and rapid media service furthermore at the rapid and accurate digital development stage. It derives the service provided by brand to network media as the scope during main logo design and takes “start cluster” as symbol and basic concept. It means the creative service contents that the brand is pursuing in the digital communication era are as the tremendous energy and characteristics of star cluster. Circling around the brand concept, it is rotated and expanded continuously and transform to eye shape finally. On the other aspect, the script takes the mark specially owned curve as design basis to create concise and powerful brand standard script with high degree of recognition. It also makes people feel “Inclusion and intimacy” of the brand. On the color part, it uses blue, which represents technology and accuracy, orange, which is full of innovation, progress and hope, and carmine, which is a symbol of joy, activeness and alacrity. The three colors are collocated as a distinctive brand keynote to strengthen the brand recognition level and make consumers be more impressed and generate a sense of trust. As a completely new brand identification plan, its target is to wish such a design concept enable the brand have a unique visual image and make the consumer have a feeling of fresh and new to cut into the fierce competitive market and plant into the heart of consumer further. 



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