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An instituition founded in 1979, Wendy's grew up with generations of children in Australia. Through its growth and expansion, it has seen the good, the ups and the downs as well. In this re-branding exercise, the objective was to give Wendy's a clearer direction of itself, a sense of relevance in this changing times. Strategy wise, the approach was to tap into Wendy's heritage and to bring it back to its roots, to remind itself and its many customers about the always reliable ice-cream and loveable hot dogs that has been a part of their lives through good times and bad, to highlight to the market that even though Wendy's has almost seen four decades, it can and will still continue to make their day.

The identity design sought to keep things basic with a 70's inspired pastel colour palette that is softer, contemporary with a tinge of nostalgia. Every asset was conceived to fit well within a highly adaptable, intuitive system, allowing easy yet dynamic application across a myriad range of media and an intensive set of promotional guidelines were constructed to ensure flexible consistency for Wendy's in-house team to utilise. The interior design language took cues from Milk Bars commonly found in Australia and were designed in a range of formats suitable to be easily adapted across Wendy's vast franchisee network.



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