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The Singapore Architect—03




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Each edition of this magazine sees the editorial design expanded and flexed to accomodate and highlight different types of content. For the Colours edition, a silver foil cover was created that shows a colour spectrum without any printing. Inside, the folio features a survey of colour spectrum in buildings in Singapore (by a student team from NUS) and essay backgrounds feature a gradient spectrum to echo the theme.

A re-imagining of a long running title, The Singapore Architect is a spin off of Singapore Architect, the only magazine, produced and written by architects, for architects, in South East Asia which has been running for 41 years; the oldest Singapore magazine of its kind. The new title seeks to present Architecture in Singapore beyond the facade and the publication design is structured to best aid this shift in position.

The magazine is trimmed in a tall format to provision space for footnotes and the gained height for newsstand prominence. Split into four sections, each is printed on a different paper stock for differentiation. Longform reading is encouraged by the enlarged type as if one is reading notes that have been photocopied and magnified. Reading formats are playful throughout the magazine, with the book review presented in a horizontal format like highlighted notes. All these whilst keeping to a strong yet flexible structure.



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