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Amazon Web Service - Interview Questions & Answers




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1. What is the AWS Development Tools you know?

AWS Management Console: It manages the quickly growing Amazon architecture.It controls your calculation, storing and also some cloud-based activities using a very simple graphical border.

AWS Toolkit for Eclipse: It is a tool for using Java with AWS. It helps in installing, unfolding as well as developing Java with AWS. Various services from Java can be communicated by making use of the explorer. It even consists of the most up-to-date edition of the Java SDK.

AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio: This tool makes .NET functions to be easily used in AWS. Various services from the Visual Studio IDE can be communicated by making use of the explorer. It even consists of the most up-to-date edition of the .NET SDK. Along with all these, it also supports services related to the cloud also.

2. What is the importance of buffer in Amazon Web Services?

An Elastic Load Balancer ensures that the incoming traffic is distributed optimally across various AWS instances. A buffer will synchronize different components and makes the arrangement additionally elastic to a burst of load or traffic. The components are prone to work in an unstable way of receiving and processing requests. The buffer creates an equilibrium linking various apparatus and crafts them work at an identical rate to supply more rapid services.

3. Why do we make subnets?

Creating subnets means dividing a large network into smaller ones. These subnets can be created for several reasons. For example, creating and using subnets can help reduce congestion by making sure that the traffic destined for a subnet stays in that subnet. This helps in efficiently routing the traffic coming to the network that reduces the network’s load.

4. If you launched a standby RDS, will it be launched in the same availability zone as your primary?

No, standby instances are automatically launched in different availability zones than the primary, making them physically independent infrastructures. This is because the whole purpose of standby instances is to prevent infrastructure failure. So, in case the primary goes down, the standby instance will help recover all of the data.

5. Which Amazon solution will you use if you want to accelerate moving petabytes of data in and out of AWS, using storage devices that are designed to be secure for data transfer?

Amazon Snowball. AWS Snowball is the data transport solution for large amounts of data that need to be moved into and out of AWS using physical storage devices.

6. You accidentally stopped an EC2 instance in a VPC with an associated Elastic IP. If you start the instance again, what will be the result?

The data stored on the instance will be lost. Elastic IP is disassociated from the instance only if the instance is terminated.

7. Is there a way to upload a file that is greater than 100 megabytes in Amazon S3?

Yes, it is possible by using multipart upload utility from AWS. With multipart upload utility, larger files can be uploaded in multiple parts that are uploaded independently. You can also decrease upload time by uploading these parts in parallel. After the upload is done, the parts will be merged into a single object or file to create the original file from which the parts were created.

8. Suppose, you hosted an application on AWS that lets the users render images and do some general computing. Which of the below-listed services can you use to route the incoming user traffic?

Classic Load Balancer
Application Load Balancer
Network Load balancer
Application Load Balancer: It supports path-based routing of the traffic and hence helps in enhancing the performance of the application structured as smaller services. Using an application load balancer, the traffic can be routed based on the requests made. In this case scenario, the traffic where requests are made for rendering images can be directed to the servers only deployed for rendering images and the traffic where the requests are made for computing can be directed to the servers deployed only for general computing purposes.

9. You have an application running on your Amazon EC2 instance. You want to reduce the load on your instance as soon as the CPU utilization reaches 100 percent. How will you do that?

It can be done by creating an autoscaling group to deploy more instances when the CPU utilization exceeds 100 percent and distributing traffic among instances by creating a load balancer and registering the Amazon EC2 instances with it.

10. I created a key in the North Virginia region to encrypt my data in the Oregon region. I also added three users to the key and an external AWS account. Then, to encrypt an object in S3, when I tried to use the same key, it was not listed. Where did I go wrong?

The data and the key should be in the same region. That is, the data that has to be encrypted should be in the same region as the one in which the key was created. In this case, the data is in the Oregon region, whereas the key is created in the North Virginia region.

11. Suppose, I created a subnet and launched an EC2 instance in the subnet with default settings. Which of the following options will be ready to use on the EC2 instance as soon as it is launched?

Elastic IP
Private IP
Public IP
Internet Gateway
Private IP. Private IP is automatically assigned to the instance as soon as it is launched. While elastic IP has to be set manually, Public IP needs an Internet Gateway which again has to be created since it’s a new VPC.

12. Which of the following services can be used if you want to capture client connection information from your load balancer at a particular time interval?

Enabling access logs on your load balancer
Enabling CloudTrail for your load balancer
Enabling CloudWatch metrics for your load balancer
Enabling CloudTrail for your load balancer. AWS CloudTrail is an inexpensive log monitoring solution provided by Amazon. It can provide logging information for load balancer or any other AWS resources. The provided information can further be used for analysis.

13. You have created a VPC with private and public subnets. In what kind of subnet would you launch the database servers?
Database servers should be ideally launched in private subnets. Private subnets are ideal for the backend services and databases of all applications since they are not meant to be accessed by the users of the applications, and private subnets are not routable from the Internet.

14. When should you use the classic load balancer and the application load balancer?

The classic load balancer is used for simple load balancing of traffic across multiple EC2 instances. While, the application load balancing is used for more intelligent load balancing, based on the multi-tier architecture or container-based architecture of the application. Application load balancing is mostly used when there is a need to route traffic to multiple services.

15. Which one of the following is a structured data store that supports indexing and data queries to both EC2 and S3?

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