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Before going to start the tableau course you should know what is tableau and where you will implement. And the main thing that strikes to everybody that tableau has any future or not.

So let’s started

What is tableau?
Actually, the tableau is coming under business intelligence. Under business intelligence many tools are available but among them, the tableau is one of the important tools and this tool has Much on demand these days. Tableau is vitally important for work which is associated with data science.

Tableau comes with an interface having drag and drops feature.

Implementation of tableau tool
Whether it is a spreadsheet, data sheet cloud data, warehouse data or big data through tableau you can easily process data you need.

If you want to become a data scientist this is only the tool in your toolkit which you can implement in data science. And every data scientist should familiar with it .blindly I can tell that tableau is a such an amazing tool for data visualization.

Using Tableau to visualize the data will improve your data comprehension, which will automatically make you a better in a data scientist.

You can also use this tableau tool to analyze and display data through the tableau techenoid tableau training( is providing all the process like installing the tableau tool, filtering the data displaying the data analyzing the data and sorting data by using tableau tool.

Through tableau dashboard, you can easily analyze the Facebook page, Facebook ads, bing and YouTube ads, Adobe analytics everything you can analyze through this dashboard and it because it will help us to save our quality fair time and money.

If you talk to SAPinsider then you will know the sap is not accepting tableau to connect BOBJ(Business Logic in Business Objects universes) UNIVERSE this one disadvantage of the tableau tool and tableau does not scale for some big companies which needed business intelligence tool.

Because it is specially designed and created the business intelligence department, not for the enterprise department. And Tableau software is updating regularly to close the distance from enterprise BI.

Does tableau have a future?
In this development of digital age, we have a large number of out brunt data and (day by day it is increasing) which need an enterprise tool or you can call it a self-service tool like tableau which any type of industry need.

Tableau regularly has been reanimating its tool by adding new features ever since it has been established in 2003. Since the past five years, tableau has been placed among the leaders in BI tools in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Now I will tell you some interesting (you can call it as concepts also) things which will help you to take a decision that you should learn this tableau training course

Generally we can say it is a standard for business intelligence. In fact, you can call it a modern standard for BI these days. Data visualization tools like Tableau and qlik sense are typically easier to use than other tools.

A tableau is a software or a tool by use of this you can easily grasp your data or understand data.

Above three are the main reason why you should learn tableau software.

Data manipulation
Data integration
Big data revolution
Data manipulation :
This is a sublanguage of SQL(we are calling SQL as a broader database language) language .Data manipulation is nothing but arranger the date you have in alphabetical order to make it more easier to read and manage.

In this process, you can easily edit, modify delete and manage.

Data Integration:

Whether it comes to business or technical process you can use this for both the processes.

Here you can easily create a meaningful data/informative data by combining both the technical and business process which you receive from any kind of sources which cannot able to compare.

In simple since it is nothing but a combination from many other sources. (typically for analysis, from business intelligence, from reporting, or loading into an application )

Big Data Revolution:
Before going to start data revolution let me tell

What is big data ? :
Actually big data is not a kind of software it just a phrase we are using for describe the volume of data we have (we are calling to these type of data as a structure and unstructured data) and it is very hard to process these type of data by using some traditional and software technique.

In some most companies/enterprises their volume of data is getting increased day by day.

Big data can also help us to do an analysis for a business leads and business moves. This is the few important things about big data, I think this will make you clear about big data and now it will be easy for you to understand about data integration.

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