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White Classic




Design has often been described as an activity in creative problem-solving.
Great designers thrive on challenges but making room for the many variables that come
with completing a project while fitting within brief requirements and timelines can take
experience along with a skillful juggling act.

Antiquated/vintage materials can cost a lot and having a budget placed upon you with a
brief to recreate a classic Victorian home in the suburbs can (for many designers) seem
like a daunting task.

Space Factor however, is not your usual design firm.

Designer Dolly Teo and her team approached the project wholeheartedly, applying their
standards in sourcing and execution to jaw-dropping effect.

The clients were a newly-wed couple whose tastes were leaning towards a country
Victorian theme. As space was a consideration, adequate storage would have to be
implemented. Accommodations would also have to be made towards the family’s future

expansion and as such, the space would have to be flexible enough to adapt itself while
remaining solidly geared towards a very specific direction. In addition, the materials that
the designers needed had already been (or would soon be) discontinued.
This 4 room property took a turnaround time of 8 weeks.
The result?

An exquisite life-sized doll house that charms and delights the senses.

A blend of old and new

As the class and intricacies of the old world fuse harmoniously with modern elements,
authentic and precise touches take center stage through an overarching white color
theme interspersed with flecks of black and blossom patterns.

The vast majority of furniture, fixtures and accessories here consist of functional shapes
built in wood, with light embellishments in classic Victorian overtones.

Much of the renovation work took place within the living hall, master bedroom and
kitchen areas with storage featured as an integral part of the design and not just an

Recurring motifs and textures, characteristic of the Victorian era underlie the design
foundations of the space and can be found incorporated into everything from the
wallpaper used to its symmetrical layouts.

A unified vision underlies and connects the rooms of the house and the interplay of
rounded lighting throughout the home (a modern touch) is in stark juxtaposition while
managing to blend seamlessly with the overall theme.

In the living room, the TV unit set in a cream colored, wall mounted cabinet is adorned
with smaller, square shaped cabinetry.

A dark brown portable rack doubles up as a petite coffee table (another example of
functional utility) while semi-transparent curtains enable ample amounts of natural light
to permeate the area.

Clean, simple and easily accessible components clearly delineate portions of the
kitchen where a distinct corridor based structure which mimics the home’s pastel
covered walls can be found.

In the bedroom, the overall focus of white tones is complimented by strips of matching
colors including dark curtains and blossom patterns.

Alongside the bed, two French style cupboards provide a sense of balance and
function. Here, a rounded light source emanates from the ceiling and bathes the
bedroom in a warm, homely glow.