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So Fragrance product knowledge




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As their product range is more complete now in Indonesia, So Fragrance sees the need to update their product knowledge. The brochure will be use to increase the sales team product knowledge. The requirements for the design are it should be available in 2 formats: printing and digital. The printing format is the standard marketing tool. The digital is for sales person who have tablets, so they could see it every time they need it. It is considered more compact and practical because of the digital era.

The design should have the advertisement for both products, the detail of the product including the size, product code, etc. It also still needs the product knowledge breakdown, which consist of the fragrances of each product. This time, we use a big bottle as the core of the design. The fragrance notes run down next to the bottle, based on their sequence. The big images is use to create a more dramatic look on the product.