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African Inspired Basso and Brooke style dressthe project was to design for a designer, and I chose Basso and Brooke as my chosen designerAnalyzed the style, motif, placements, colours of Basso and Brooke.I chose Africa for my theme.-Silk screen printing-Pattern drafting-Sewing-Embroidery stitch디자이너를 위한 디자인 하기 프로젝트에서 바쏘앤브루크를 선택하여,브랜드의 특징 모티프, 모티프 플레이스먼트, 색감, 스타일등을 분석하여아프리칸 영감 바쏘앤브루크 스타일의 드레스를 완성했다.-실크 스크린 프린팅-옷도안-미싱-자수

At first, this was my motif placement plans. I wanted to print my motifs in this kind of placements, but since this placements didnt suit for the assessment requirements, I couldn't print in this lay out. If I was allowed, I'd work on this lay out further more, but since the print theme for this project was toss out lay out, I had to change it. Used Illustrator CS5

Here are the motifs that I used.

I found out that Basso & Brooke go with variety of different styles of motifs.They keep the original form from the original source, or they make it very abstract. Basso & Brooke is 100% digital printed, but in my school we normally do silk screen printing to print on our fabric so I had a limit to follow the Basso & Brooke style, but I did my best to imitate the style. First, I used African people's head. Mostly they are bold, and barely grow their hair, and they have such a nice round head ! So I just African's heads, then I used those bunch of triangular shapes which is one of the African symbols. it means leopard prints in African symbol. Then, I went with a flower and an African tree since in most of Basso & Brooke's collections, they had plants.I researched for African plants, and I ended up with a tree, and a flower which is African daisy.For the African tree, I drew it on the sketchbook then traced and for the flower I directly traced on illustrator cs5 I wanted to add a sense of digital printing, so I edited the flower by changing the style of stroke (in the end, I couldn't use the whole flower since we were not allowed to do colour seperation for this project). As for zebra, I directly traced it on Illustrator CS5.For the rest of the two motifs which are African people, There's a description right above the motifs.I did draw most of the motifs on my sketchbook but All of the motifs were later digitally edited, since that's how Basso & Brooke goes.

These two motifs of people in a row, are the African man, and women.The men are hunting, and the women are dancing.Took out from my research, and I looked at some of the african drawings then I started to draw African people following the style of drawing in my was first hand-drawn then I traced it using Illustrator CS5.