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Story boarding for Draupadi Cheer Haran in Mahabharat




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Cover page of the book

Cheer haran of Draupadi

Court of Hastinapur

 Game of dice between the Pandavas and the Kauravas

Duryodhana ordered his younger brother Dushasana to bring forth the queen to the court so that she could be given the task of a dasi or a maid-servant

Dushasana asked Draupadi to come with him at the Hastinapur court as her husbands had lost everything

On her refusal Dushasana brought Draupadi dragging by holding her hair to the court of Hastinapur where her husbands lost everything in the game of dice to Duryodhana

Duryodhana did not listen to anyone

 Dushasana started to scratch away the clothes of Draupadi and at that time Lord Krishana, due to the prayer of Draupadi, appeared in the court, though not visible to all and supplied ample of clothes to the queen in such a way that Dushasana was tired to take away all the clothes from the queen's body. Ultimately he fell down and was not able to rip off Draupadi's clothes. Thus Draupadi was saved from any shame in the court by Lord Krishna.