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Architecture can be compared to poetry. Not by the lingo of wordplay, but by the rhythm and structure they possess. As words flows, so does concrete slabs and steel columns; creating an ambience of emotive response into a space. People would gather at a place for various purposes of which architecture has to cater for - only then a space becomes workable and useful despite the aesthetic values.

The rhythm of spaces and emotive response on site according to the assignment brief is put together in a poem first before translating into drawings and diagrams:

Seek The Moon"Seek the moon
Through the spoken words of the wind
Through the verses of openings
Through the dwellings of arranged planes like phrases
See it from intangible lines of structured walls
The façade of exploration
Seek the moon
If you must at sunset
For visibility of the moon under dark night sky
Is never really dark enough for the moon to smile
See it through the telescope of your own conscience
Free of glare with controlled light frozen in air
Seek the moon
The crescent of time
For the importance of location in the universe
Is as important as day and night, life and death of purpose
See it from high ground and ascend into the heart of astronomy
With the help of tools and wisdom
Seek the moon
See it from the eyes of scholars, kept on shelves
Analyse it from the constellations of installations
Land in deep knowledge of deep time
Even if you need to scour history
Only to fix eternity
Seek the moonIf you wish to uncover the facts and find artifacts
Place it in a safe case where people can race to the place
And ponder on the wonder of space
Put them in the view of pupils and children
To seek the future
Seek the moon
Upon the reflection of humanity
In a landscape of reality that struggles for survival
This ability is scarce but it’s never too late
As long as the art of seeking is passed on
Brighter than before
Seek the moon.
For the greatness of the Almighty lies upon it
And guidance shines through it
Keep the view at bay as it never leads astray
Seek the truth
Sight the moon. "- by Huda XD 

Perched  on top of Jugra Hill in Kuala Selangor, is the most exact place and time to practice moonsighting, where the sky is a wide clear view from eye level. That high place with little obstruction of view from the urban typology and light pollution, the moon can even be seen with the naked eye. Moonsighting is a monthly activity carried out by scholars to keep track of time. This practice contributes to astronomy, history, science and technology and also the Islamic calendar.

"Poetry are composed words like architecture is composed spaces"
That was the conceptual approach in this project where the public can come, discover and be enlightened by the activities at this Moonsighting Centre. Baitulhilal is arabic for  the 'House of the Moon'. This building is intended to be a public learning space and also a  moonsighting research institute. The undulating roof are glulam structures that are used as a canopy for the arranged main spaces of a visitor's centre, an art-science gallery and multipurpose halls.  Sustainable features are also added by encouraging natural ventilation at the cafe area and learning zones, cooling technique by having a water feature and daylighting qualities through glass panels as walls and windows.  Here are the drawings and study models that came up throughout the designing process. 

Thank you for stopping by this project.;)