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UST breaks into 5th Century. Week-long festivities will again be held on campus as UST concludes its tumultuous 400th year celebration, andUST breaks into 5th Century. 

Tarsier at Bohol, Philippines

A cold stormy  weather at the islands of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.

High houses at Baguio, Philippines.

Sunset at Calaruega, Batangas Philippines

A fire blower is one of the famous human attraction at Bohol, Philippines.

A group of alley boys play through the free flowing water of a broken road pipes during Lent season (2011).

The cultural heritage of Iloilo, Miag Aw church.

 Sleeping giant mountains at Palawan, Puerto Prinsesa, Philippines

The UST Main building celebrating its 400 years of Unending Grace.

A worker melds the metal bars for the foundation of the new alumni center building of UST.

A typical Sunday in Tayuman railways of Tondo Manila, Philippines.

African Macaw, Avilon Zoo

The moon peaks as the night eats the Tria Haec.

The city of San Joaquin, Iloilo Philippines.

The Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle is a bird of prey species in the eagle and hawk family. It is found throughout a large part of tropical America, from southern Mexico to northern Argentina.

A rainy Monday morning at the  Ancestral houses in Torres Bugallion at Tondo, Manila.