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The story is about a family with 3 wannabe rebel kids and their family. It contains stupidity, lessons of life, nonsense plans and many more. Be Obedient, Rebels! is a series of story that support values in family. The purpose of this series and game is to produce an awareness of how valueable a family in human’s life and why there is a need to know the values. As in 21st century, there are massive of cases of corrupted kid, because of lack of understanding between kids and their family, rejection over teaching in family, and so on. Therefore, a change is needed to make sure that the future generation are safe enough to be a person in society. The awareness is made in a unconventional way in order to attract the target audience which is family and kids who are about to grow up

Activity Book Stories-It contains a continuous story with a few spark of activity to the audience, in order for them to stay focus on the story and activate the audience 

The Games Kit- You play, yet you learn

First, Each person have to turn the spinning wheel in order to know which character are you. There are Dad, Mom, Big Sister and Little Brother (these character are from the story/picture books)

After the players receive their character, it is time for them to take the play card. The play card is consisted of the story with question (red line), the solutions story to choose (second line) and the results (the last line). Therefore the player have to read out loud the story, choose the solution and based on their choice, the other players will mark either his/her decision is good/bad. With both sides have the benefits and disadvantage to the player

The books



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