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TITLE : TEMUKAN INDONESIA-MU (Brand Activity Concept for 40th AQUA's Anniversary)
Every single day is a journey. To make the journey meaningful, you have to discover, to build, to overcome, to succeed, to love, to provide, and to make things better around you. It is not about making more or getting more, but about doing more meaningful things in life.AQUA believes that people who have inner strength to make things better for themselves and people around them can move an entire nation forward. This inner strength comes from a healthy body. That is the reason why AQUA commits to provide the best quality drinking water for people everyday. Because only by doing this, AQUA can help you to realize your inner strength to make things better around youNow it’s time to celebrate AQUA's 40th anniversary. It’s been 40 years that AQUA has been there for individuals and families and: supporting them to make things better around them and helping them to progress by providing the best quality drinking water. And it always commits to make things better and better.We would like you to demonstrate AQUA’s impact in a relevant way to engage people that a water brand can empower people to make things better around them.
Show us through an engaging and inspiring poster or storyboard how AQUA as a water brand can inspire and empower people to make things better around them.Tell us an idea through visuals about how AQUA inspires and empowers people to make things better around them. The idea has to be engaging, inspiring, convincing and forward looking.In your entry, create a tagline for AQUA that best expresses your idea on how it empowers people in their lives.
Big Idea : Temukan Indonesia-MuConcept that I use in this brief is an exploration of the richness of Indonesia, it’s about culture or the arts. For more than 60 years of independence, many people aren’t aware of the wealth of Indonesia. Therefore, in this concept was a process where Indonesian people to find potential, richness, and Indonesia's own identity.I give an example for this concept. There is a photo of a young adventurer who is determined to find a wealth of other Indonesia clothing typical of Javanese culture. With determination and spirit he had, even though he was young, he already has the consciousness to find and dig up this cultural heritage, which will become the identity of the State of Indonesia for the better. Determination and the spirit of the youth to maintain what is owned by Indonesia was the inspiration for other youth to do the same starting from the small to the large changes.

Aqua for 40 years served to Indonesia, with the theme 'TEMUKAN INDONESIA-MU' attempt to engage the younger generation and the entire people of Indonesia to keep and dig the potential riches that belong to Indonesia. 'TEMUKAN INDONESIA-MU' also aimed to invite all the people of Indonesia to find his true identity as a great nation and rich and should be proud of.To inspire, Aqua must perform a movement raised issues of cultural or more with the younger generation. the movement was later able to dig up all the wealth that belongs to the people of Indonesia and increase a sense of belonging within the community Indonesia.Things I want to change is the mindset of society Indonesia mostly patterned thought consumerist towards everything and impressed Indonesian only a follower, then I want to change it with a process where the community will be the wealth and potential, this country's good nature, culture, and human potential within itself. By digging the potential of Indonesia started a process of small change for a big change will be the identity of Indonesia.
And here is the page www.temukanindonesiamu.com



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