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Ogilvy  Malaysia 2014
This campaign rolled out as a pilot for Fitness First Hong Kong, to be followed by other Asian markets later this year. We identified our target audience by tracking their food-related hashtags on Instagram, paying particular attention to Hong Kong users. They would then be tagged with their own food shots, now in the form of mobile vouchers redeemable for free workouts at Fitness First Hong Kong. Launched on 18 April 2014, this campaign is still on-going.
Within the first week, sign-ups for free trials increased by more than 6 times the monthly average. Within days, food lovers on Instagram started using #BurnThisMeal on their own to request for free workouts, making it a popular trending hashtag. To date, we had posted enough Instagram mobile vouchers to burn over a million calories. The campaign also picked up online buzz. In a food-crazy city, we got foodies coming in to Fitness First. #BurnThisMeal successfully leveraged a popular social platform to communicate the right message to the right target at the right place, in real time. With no app, no ad and practically zero media spend, ROI for this on-going campaign is still on the rise.
Fitness First wanted to engage with food lovers loading up on calories, specifically those who used their phones to snap photos of their meals and post them on Instagram. We used this same channel to respond right away to this new target audience with a real-time personalised offer: free workout trials tailored to burn the very meals they had posted. The plethora of food shots on Instagram served as our database. By tracking common food-related hashtags, we hijacked these photos and converted them into mobile gym vouchers for the photo owners. Each voucher was customised with the meal’s calorie count and a workout recommendation on how to burn those calories at Fitness First. #BurnThisMeal became our rallying call.
Awards Won:
Kancils 2014
Silver - CYBER, Use of Social
Bronze - MOBILE, Use of Social Media
Bronze - DIRECT, Use of Social & Digital
Bronze - PROMO & ACTIVATION, Use of Digital & Social



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