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From a Fresh Grad to a Full Stacker

Rifa't Hammad

TenTen Ltd. - Software Engineer


Hashdoc is a place where you can find professional content in context of your work.

Whether you're looking for Templates, Whitepapers, Policies & Procedures, Presentations, Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, and much more, its all available on Hashdoc.

It's a place where you can also publish, sell, and distribute your own documents.

When I first arrived at Hashdoc, I was a fresh grad, my previous experience was only developing a Ruby on Rails website and an android application that communicated with it through an API as my graduation project.

My first assignment at Hashdoc was to mimic a production deployment. I had to read a lot about servers and server configuration.


The first problem we faced on Hashdoc was legacy code.

At the beginning Hashdoc was developed using the PHP's MVC framework Yii, and the amount of spaghetti code was huge, it made maintaining a feature or fixing a bug a very difficult task and a major source of headaches, as a result we decided to migrate our app to Ruby on Rails, for a cleaner elegant code.

Before migrating to Ruby and Rails, we started working on redesigning our database structure, and figured out lots of solutions to problems that the database had at that time, after that we rolled out a fully working, tested Ruby on Rails app in three months.

The beauty of data, and data visualization: A NoSQL Database, at Hashdoc, there are a huge chunks of data that could be useful if you can track, log, and find a way to use it, and that was what we did, after playing around with MongoDB, and D3js to visualize the data we found interesting.

Servers architecture, Scalability, Security, and Monitoring: We started to get lots and lots of traffic, and most of the time when we were asleep.

DevOps for the win: We designed our servers and load balancers in a way that we would have a zero down time deployments and to never have a down time due to high traffic on our site when we were asleep, having a beer, or working.


To put it simply, I've learned everything I know now about DevOps, Server Architecture, NoSQL Databases, System administration, Monitoring, and a bit of security from the year I've spent in Hashdoc.

I've also learned great techniques to design and structure a database, normalizing or denormalizing to fit a product's needs.

I've learned to learn on my own, which was something I really appreciate, and I thank Tarek Koudsi - Hashdoc's Founder/CEO - and my friend for it.

Thanks Hashdoc, wish you all the best.

Cheers! (^-^)_日

TenTen Ltd. - Software Engineer
"Mohammad Rifat" Sami Hammad A 27 Years old Full Stack Web Developer Born in Aqaba, Jordan. A beautiful place by the sea. He currently enjoys living in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. Rifat enjoys working in areas where complexity, creativity and high quality are the standard. When hungry, Rifat usual...