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The true definition of "Get Busy"(Literally)

Rifa't Hammad

TenTen Ltd. - Software Engineer


After I joined Boundless in June 12, 2016, I was assigned to do day to day work and bug fixes for product Akhtaboot.

Akhtaboot is an online career network that is committed to providing a user-friendly, effective, and efficient way of linking the right person to the right career opportunity in the MENA region.

I was honestly surprised by the scale of that project, I was supervised by @marwan_aljubeh("Harhoor" a great help, patient, and really talented software engineer), I kept on working on product Akhtaboot for 3 months, mainly on helping SEO, A-B testing, bug fixes, small tasks in DevOps, and maintenance. this helped a lot in developing my skills and in getting to know the practices, code style, and the nature of the product which proved to be helpful on the long run.

After 3 months in Boundless, I was sat free to handle a whole new product on my own as I proved to be reliable, efficient, and a hardworking person, and this is where it all begun.

Testello - Code name Btester

Testello was a working prototype when I took over, it's basic functionality was developed by the Hobo.

Testello, after a lot of hard work, became to be a cloud-based testing solutions platform that is the first of its kind in the Middle East. It provides companies and educational institutions with cutting-edge assessment tools to help them make more informed hiring, promotional and training decisions. In addition to Testello’s ready-made tests, you can develop customized B2B or B2C tests for your organization with your own questions, answers, and scoring logic.

I fell in love at the first sight.


To put it simple: So much to do in so little time.

I was in hurry, I wanted Testello to shine in a second, I always felt it will be a success, for me, and for Boundless.

One of the major problems for me was figuring out priorities, as this was the first project to handle on my own. I wanted to do it all.

What features to develop first, I didn't want to have a product full of features that no one would use eventually, that's what I've learned from the Hobo, and lots of other stuff.

Another problem was figuring out an efficient way to create customized and new tests, without wasting my time, so that I can focus on planing and developing.

Anti cheat was a very difficult feature to implement, so many cases to tests against, but eventually it worked(at least I hope so).

Per user analytics were really fun to implement a problem that is nice to have.

Then came the API, we needed a decent, secured, well documented, and easy to use API, to integrate with Akhtaboot, other internal products, and the outside world.

Eventually I did everything I wanted to do on Testello(except for a few things I left before implementing) to turn it into a great testing solutions platform.


The most important thing that I've learned was to think before I implement, and I thank everyone in Boundless for teaching me that.

Daily stand up meetings is a must have, since they give you motivation and make you commit to what you want to do during the day.

Agile development style is the way to go for every software project, this is something that I came to believe in after my experience with Testello, and I hope that developers do it all the time when building projects.

Code review meetings are very useful and never a waste of time, since they give an insight on your skills, strong and weak spots, and show you rooms for improvement.

A Mario Karts break is a very healthy way for brain overuse recovery.

Thanks Boundless.

Cheers ୧( ⁼̴̶̤̀ω⁼̴̶̤́ )૭

TenTen Ltd. - Software Engineer
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