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The Silicon Valley of Jordan

Rifa't Hammad

TenTen Ltd. - Software Engineer


The first time I've entered Boundless Drop I was still in University, it was that time were you're supposed to get a 60 hours of field training, I have heard a lot about it from my friend and cousin @aqabawe "The Hobo"(you can tell which one he is from the cover photo that is awfully scaled to fit the canvas), so I applied for an internship there.

I still remember that day as if it was Yesterday, I was interviewed by the CTO back then, @fmardini "Sharshabeel"(A brilliant guy), we talked a bit about video games, and somehow ended up talking about garbage collectors.

Thankfully I was accepted and started my internship the next day.

By the time my internship was over, I had already learned lots and lots of new things, and better ways to do things that I've already know, such as how beautiful, elegant, and useful #inject is(Thanks "Far3oon").

After I finished the internship and graduated from University, I worked for another company "Hashdoc"(That I'll write about in another story) for a year, and then I joined the amazing team at Boundless Drop, a day that changed my life.

TenTen Ltd. - Software Engineer
"Mohammad Rifat" Sami Hammad A 27 Years old Full Stack Web Developer Born in Aqaba, Jordan. A beautiful place by the sea. He currently enjoys living in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. Rifat enjoys working in areas where complexity, creativity and high quality are the standard. When hungry, Rifat usual...