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Software Developer

Metaps Inc.に入る前

After graduating with a Computer Science degree, I've worked in software development for over 15 years.

Most of my professional work experience has been with the Java technology stack. Recently, I've been working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

My initial work has primarily been in the Telecommunications sector. I worked for over 8 years at a company that produced Operational Support Software to be used by large Telecommunication companies (like NTT in Japan, Telstra in Australia or BT in the UK).

More recently, a lot of my experience was with Mobile Banking and finance software, getting the opportunity to work with Visa Inc.

Although I've worked as a Software Developer, I've had the opportunity to work as Technical Consultant in Japan and also work in leadership roles managing staff and offshore development teams.


I now work on an exciting project, writing Ruby on Rails software. It's immensely fulfilling to see the rapid growth of customers using our system.

I'm also enjoying the opportunity to work with both Japanese engineers and other foreign staff. It's giving me the chance the improve my Japanese language ability (and I hope I can help a little with some English language education).

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