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Bring deep learning to small devices. https://blue-oil.org/
Our new office.
精度や速度を落とさず、消費電力も抑えられたらDeepLearningはもっと身近なモノにも搭載されていくはずです。そのためにLeapMindではハードウェアとソフトウェアの両面から研究開発を行っています。研究開発と実装、両面から行う世界的にも珍しい企業です。 さらに、Deep Learningが注目される約6年ほど前から研究しているため、知見が溜まっており、海外の大企業からも引き合いがあるという状況です。 誰でもすぐにDeep Learningを導入でき、あらゆるモノからDeepLearningの恩恵を受けられる社会を作ることを目標にしています。 If we can apply deep learning without compromising speed and accuracy and decreasing energy cost, it can be utilized in many circumstances of our daily life. To achieve this, LeapMind is engineering both hardware and software from the ground up to provide platforms and services. We are one of the few companies in the world concurrently carrying out R&D (research & development) and implementation. Although the topic of deep learning is heavily gaining popularity now, we have already held 6 years' worth of accumulated knowledge and expertise. Currently, we are recognized by large enterprises and corporations from all over the world. Our goal is to create a better society where anyone can access and benefit from deep learning. ■What is our new project? 低消費電力FPGA上でDeep Learningを実現する オープンソースソフトウェア。 The open-source software that can realize deep learning on low power FPGA. ▷▷▷https://blue-oil.org/


■Our mission Smaller, Faster, More Efficient We enable Deep Learning of Things (DoT) 個人や企業を問わず、誰でも簡単に使えるDeep Learningプラットフォームを提供し、Deep Learningを社会に浸透させることによって、ヒトの生活は一歩先に進むと考えています。 We provide a deep learning platform for any companies or anyone can use easily. Our life should be improved by spreading deep learning into our society.


We have a lots of different type of members such as software engineer, hardware engineer and designers.
Our new office where we moved in 2018.
■Our members 設立から2017年までは共同研究の開発を事業の柱をし、全社員の1/4がリサーチャーまたはエンジニアでした。 2017年の後半から、自社ソリューションやプロダクトを「売る」というフェーズにたどり着いたため、セールスをはじめとするBizDevやMarketingのメンバーを増やし、2018年ではエンジニアと非エンジニアが半々ぐらいの人数になりました。 From the establishment, we set joint research as a pillar of our business, and 1/4 of all employees were either a researcher or engineer. After the second half of 2017, we reached the phase of "marketing" our own solutions and products, so we increased the members of BizDev and Marketing, including sales. In 2018, the number of engineers grew to constitute half of the employee count.