My journey from being raised in the U.S to holding business meetings/trips with clients from all over the world at the age of 19

Before Interning at Daybreak

Being born in Japan, but soon after moving to the United States where I spent 18 years in Oregon as well as California, I longed to maintain my Japanese culture. This ultimately led to my decision to come back to Japan for University and rekindle my mother culture.
Coming to Japan has allowed me to face new challenges and experience things that I could not have experienced elsewhere. It was through these new challenges and experiences that had finally made me realize how blessed and fortunate I was throughout my upbringing. My father’s work had allowed me to grow up in the United States, which had given me the opportunity to gain and experience another culture at an early age. Also, through my parents’ efforts, I have been fortunate enough to be able to live and walk a life without common worries such as food or a place to sleep. As childish as it seems, this realization was the turning point that had led to the formation of one of my goals in life “Surpassing my father”. Now, by surpassing, I mean that I want to provide to my future children a lifestyle and upbringing with more opportunities and more experiences than my father had gifted me with. This to me is a much better show of appreciation of my parents’ efforts in raising me.

Having that in mind, I knew that I needed to experience as much as I could during my college years and move my start position closer to my goal. So, through a friend’s introduction, I applied to work at the Apple Store where I believe that I could have experienced sales. This was the first obstacle that I had to face, and it was one that I unfortunately could not get over. After multiple interviews, I ultimately did not get the job at Apple. This was a hard pill to swallow as it was my first step to my goal, and I could not achieve it. However, now that I think about it, it was a hurdle in it of itself that I had to get over. Not feeling discouraged, I ventured forward to look for a long-term internship where I could experience business in a real setting and be given opportunities equal to those actually working. I went online and clicked on the first link, Daybreak Co., Ltd. It was almost like a calling.

Written in bold font

『A global sales internship where you can experience Sales, Marketing, and Consulting』

Holy shit, the holy trinity of business is what I thought.That’s when I knew that I had found my calling and where my year at Daybreak would begin.

What I learned at Daybreak

At Daybreak, I was first in charge of overseas sales.

The overseas sales was eye-opening to me as I had the opportunity to talk with many individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Having the opportunity to discuss with these global individuals had given me a sense of connection with each unique culture. It also provided me with the sales practice that I had longed for as well as the polishing of my business English. As the head of overseas, I also had the great opportunity to go on business trips with clients as well as attend trade shows which allowed me to build strong relationship with clients.

As time progressed, I was given the great opportunity of managing two subordinates. This experience had given me the chance to grow as a leader and taught me the importance of proper leadership. The management of my two subordinates has allowed me to gain real business experience and has made me realize the growth I personally was able to achieve. The best way to learn and grow is to teach and overseeing my two subordinates had done just that. Through their mistakes and my own, I was able to grow exponentially. As such, I am grateful for the plentiful amount of hands on experience that I was able to gain.

To put it into very simple terms, Daybreak had given me a platform to experience the real business world with no filter. At the age of 20, I have had the opportunity to hold business meetings with over 50+ people, go on business trips and negotiate with partners, attend trade shows, the list goes on and on, on the many enlightening experiences I was able to gain.

As an intern and a student, you would expect that your responsibilities be limited and that an “internship” especially in Japan would only be useful on your resume and not on your own self growth; however, Daybreak has allowed me to not only grow as a businessman, but also as a person and had provided me with an environment to help pursue my goals.

Daybreak as a Company

Daybreak was not just a place of work, I was surrounded by a place of understanding and a place that would ultimately allow me to find the person that I want to be as well as the path that I want to lead in my business career. Each of the core members have taught me the significance of aspects that not only pertain to business but life as well. They have given me different outlooks on business as well as life that had helped shape who I have been able to become.

The real-life business experience was just an extra component compared to the influences that I was exposed to during my year at Daybreak. I am hopeful that I am able to find a place of work as tightly knit and as influential in the coming years. Words really cannot describe the impact Daybreak has had on my life.

Thank You Daybreak.