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French Security Engineer


I've been working for CNRS,W3C in France, for security company in Switerland. I'm a security engineer trained for penetration testing and security code review. I also used to be a trainer, teacher at Polytech'Nice Sophia University and wrote several academic papers and security research presentations. I lived in France, Switzerland, and now Japan.


I'm currently DevOps engineer at Cookbiz, developing the current and future product. In charge of the infrastructure the security. I also help the management improving the development processes towards Continuous Delivery , Test Driven Development, Monitoring and Secure Scrum


I'm a 28 years old french security engineer. I have been in Japan for one year and working for Cookbiz the last 6 months.I'm still learning Japanese everyday to communicate with my team and colleagues. I have high interests in security, DevOps tends, PHP, python and artificial intelligence.


I will hopefully continue as a DevOps engineer and improve my Japanese. I wish to become an Agile Coach to help teams improve their development process towards faster and more reliable software and processes. I would also like to improve people awareness about IT Security in Japan

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1 いいね!