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Oyraa is a platform connecting businesses and individuals with professional interpreters all over the world easily to accommodate language barrier issues. Oyraa enables businesses and individuals to instantly access interpreters from wherever they are and whenever it is, and freely choose the best interpreters that best suit their needs and budget. The interpretation can be done on-site or on-call (remotely) through video or voice call. It’s easy, cost-effective, and time-effective. Different from most interpretation/translation service companies which do not really give us the options to choose our preferred interpreters, Oyraa lets its clients have the freedom to choose, and its interpreters the flexibility to decide the best schedule that works for them. Oyraa is a global company with its team located in various countries including China, India, Japan, and more—and freelance interpreters all over the world. And people of different nationalities work in the Oyraa office in Tokyo.

My name is Kenzia and I am from Indonesia. Currently, I am entering my 3rd year at Tokyo International University. During this time, I have to figure out a lot of things. What kind of career I want to have, what industry I want to work in, what am I good at, what I want to do next, and more things like these. It’s not easy trying to figure it out, because I’m young and confused, and overwhelmed. Figuring out your career path yet learning to become an adult at the same time is difficult, so sometimes I need help, a push, a challenge, or need to step out of our own comfort zone. College alone can’t really help me as they tend to just give you lessons or knowledge through classes, and maybe you can hear and learn from the experiences of your professors or teachers, but other than that, they don’t really give you real-life career experience. That’s why I think joining an internship can help figure some things out.

I am an international relations major, and I feel like there are not very many industries that suit the major I am in. Hence, I want to explore more industries to find what am I good at, what I feel passionate doing, what I like to do as a career, overall finding the best-suited industry for me. One way to do that is through internships.

I have always had interests in many different industries, one of which is the language-related industry. I just don’t know enough about it to really understand whether or not it’s a suitable industry for me to work in. So, when I knew that Oyraa, a language service company, accepts interns, I decided to try and apply to Oyraa. During my internship, some of the tasks I had to do include mainly the localization of Oyraa’s website and app to the Indonesian language, finding language service-related events across the world and websites to recruit interpreters all over the world, writing reports on the language service industry in Indonesia and different apps similar to Oyraa. Being an intern for the past 2 weeks at Oyraa has been short yet a valuable experience for me. Most of the work at Oyraa is remote, which is new to me and I find it fascinating. How you don’t really need a certain workplace to work/create something, that people from different parts of the world can work together. How the team does not have to constantly meet, but the productivity and the results are put out. Although of course, there are challenges as well when it comes to remote work. You can’t really communicate directly and sometimes time cannot be effectively used, also and time management can be more difficult.

Working at Oyraa is definitely different from the standard/normal Japanese work environment I know of. Oyraa’s office is located in a shared office space environment, quite different from the typical Japanese office space and environment which can be very strict or rigid. If you are looking for that typical Japanese environment to intern at, Oyraa may not be suitable for you. However, if you are someone with the willingness to actually learn about the language service industry and its different aspects including digital marketing, localization process and more, Oyraa is the right place for you to intern at. You can gain real skills by interning at Oyraa. Again, remote work can sometimes be a challenge, so Oyraa really encourages self-motivation, and if you have it or are learning to have it, Oyraa is a great place to help you gain it.

My experience interning at Oyraa has been lovely. My colleagues at Oyraa are approachable and very friendly. I don’t have this awkwardness to approach my supervisor or the CEO to ask for help. When I say this, I truly mean it, not to purposely be on her good side, but I feel that the CEO of Oyraa, Oya Koc san truly cares about Oyraa’s interns to be able to learn about different things and us gaining experience and knowledge out of this internship. My supervisor, Naomi Sato san is guiding and is very willing to take the time out of her day to guide and help you if there is any trouble. Although the duration of my internship is short, I definitely learn a lot more about the language service industry in particular through the tasks I have to do. I learn that the language industry is very vast, it is not limited to the language industry itself, but actually many industries utilize language services.

So, if you are looking for a great place to intern at, interning at Oyraa is a valuable opportunity and should not be missed. You can learn a lot by being an intern at Oyraa. Including learning more about the language service industry, improving your communication (not only directly, but also remotely) and time management. Through the internship at Oyraa, you never know, you could probably find out the things you are good at or would like to do as a career. So, why don’t try interning at Oyraa and experience it for yourself?

As college students, internships can be great opportunities to learn about and experience directly the work/career world. You can test out the waters and find what you like or don’t like, find out what you’re good at or not good at, and gain experiences and skills you can use later on in life or even now. Being taught or learning directly from professionals who are really willing to share their experience and skills with you is something you cannot get from every internship opportunity. Not every company actually cares about you learning or gaining skills out of your internship experience like Oyraa. So, if you are looking for that and want to make the best out of your internship experience, Oyraa is the right place to get it. Try it out for yourself.


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