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Come join the party!

Here at DAIREKUTO KABUSHIKIGIASHA, we believe that your workplace should be more than just a job. On average, you'll spend more of your waking hours at your place of employment than you will any place else. That's why we strive to make each and every member of our team feel valued and respected. We believe that a team should be able speak freely with one another without hesitation, regardless of whether you're talking to the CEO or to the Intern. We respect your work-life balance and we understand that taking a day off shouldn't require to jump through bureacratic hoops or poorly designed request forms. At DAIREKUTO KABUSHIKIGAISHA, you're more than just "employee 1224", you're Team Member 1224.

Here are some Testimonials from current and former members of our DAIREKUTO KABUSHIKIGAISHA family:

"We are super ganbatteru to make the number one most ichiban site ever!"
- The Right Honourable Corbin Jurgens

"Did you mention you don't have to wear suits?"
- Corbin R. Jurgens, Chief Engineer

"You're allowed to leave before the boss"
- C. Jurgens, Linguistics consultant

"being at work feels just as relaxing as being at home"
- Corbin "Cactustits" Jurgens, UX Coordinator

"people listen when you have to say."
- Corby J, IT helpdesk associate

"No Pets"
- C.R. Jurgens, Graphics Department Team Lead

Come join the fun!

1 いいね!
1 いいね!